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Audi A4 Carbon Fiber Trim

Choose the model of your Audi A4, S4, or RS4 below to view pictures and pricing information on our carbon fiber trim specific to your body style. oCarbon has experience building some of the nicest Audi A4, S4, and RS4 carbon fiber interiors on the road, from the original B5 generation to the current B8 generation, including sedan, avant, and cabriolet (convertible) body styles. These aren't your average carbon fiber dash kits - each trim piece is hand laid with aerospace grade carbon fiber that is thicker than what most competitors use, then clear coated and polished to a flawless shine, ensuring a final finish & weave that will exceed your every expectation.

1996 - 2001.5 A4 / S4 / RS4
B5 Vehicle Platform
The first generation Audi A4, known as the B5, was produced from 1996-2001.5, with a minor refresh occurring in mid 1999. While the beltline interior trim remained unchanged, there were some additions during the lifetime of this generation. The 1999.5 facelift added the shift surround, hazard surround, and ashtray. For the 2000-2001.5 models the ashtray and shift surround were changed once more, but left the hazard surround untouched. The oCarbon B5 Interior trim set features 9 pieces that cover the dash, door trim, hazard surround, ashtray and shifter surround.
View our B5 Audi A4 interior trim
2002 - 2008 A4 / S4 / RS4
B6 and B7 Vehicle Platforms
The second & third generation Audi A4, based on the 8E chassis and known as the B6 and B7, respectively, ran from the years 2002-2005.5 (B6), and 2005.5-2008 (B7). Although the exterior is quite different between the B6 and B7, the interior remained largely unchanged and the trim pieces are all interchangeable, except the shifter surround between Manual and Automatic Transmissions. The oCarbon B6/B7 interior trim set is a 9 piece set covering the dash, all 4 doors, ashtrays and shifter.
View our B6 and B7 Audi A4 interior trim
2009 - Present A4 / S4
B8 Vehicle Platform
The latest generation Audi A4, the B8, was new for 2009 and features an all new exterior and interior design. The oCarbon B8 carbon fiber interior trim kit is an 8 piece kit covering the beltline, shifter, and c-frames, and fits the A4 or S4, and like the previous generations the only piece that differs is the shifter surround between Manual and Automatic transmission cars.
View our B8 Audi A4 interior trim

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