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We manufacture our sets of carbon fiber trim using OEM pieces as a base.  This ensures our carbon pieces have all the same tabs and mounting pieces that the original trim pieces do and fit perfectly. 

From time to time, we will get aluminum or piano black sets of trim returned to us.  Some of them are rather nice.  It seems foolish to rip these apart to turn them into carbon fiber when they could find a new home in an enthusiast's vehicle.  We trade these sets for free for wood sets of trim.

Below are the following sets of trim we have available to trade.  Pictures are of the actual set available.  Most, if not all, will have some scratches or imperfections in them.  These can be refurbished using this guide: Fishscale Trim to Brushed Aluminum Trim

Your wood set can be in any condition.  Scratches, cracks, chips, bad paint, crappy vinyl wrap: doesn't matter.  We'll be refinishing it anyway, so ugly wood pieces are not a problem for us.  As long as nothing is missing or broken, we can use it.

If a set is still listed, it's still available.

If you're interested in one of these sets, email with what set you're interested in and how soon you can send us your wood trim.  Once we get your wood trim and everything checks out, we'll ship out the aluminum set.  You're responsible for paying for shipping the wood trim to us; we'll ship out the aluminum trim to you.

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