About Us

oCarbon began like many great companies with innovative products, out of a garage in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona and inspired by a passionate dissatisfaction with what the market already had to offer. Initially driven to create quality custom trim kits for a small group of Audi auto enthusiasts, the quality and precision of the oCarbon product has expanded since its inception in 2004 to include custom carbon fiber kits for a wide variety of high-end vehicles.


Each oCarbon piece is designed with simple elegance. When you place an order with oCarbon, you are placing an order for what will be a true work of art, not a product manufactured in a colossal plant and certainly not identical to anything else you’ve ever seen before. Only the highest-grade carbon fiber and industry leading resins are utilized to create our custom pieces. We never sacrifice quality or take shortcuts to ensure that everything with an oCarbon name on it will remain as beautiful as the day it is installed for years to come.


Our facility is located in Phoenix, Arizona but we ship all over the globe. The majority of our happy and loyal clients live quite far; we’ve shipped everywhere from California, all the way to Riyadh, Madrid, Dubai, and Rio de Janeiro, just to name a few. Rest assured that we have plenty of experience assisting you remotely with the shipping and installation process.


Cores can be shipped to:


3432 W. Wilshire Drive
Suite 11
Phoenix, AZ 85009