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Basic Info

Weave - The weave type is how each carbon strand is woven.  Different weaves will have different cosmetic looks.  A 1x1 weave (also known as a plain weave) will weave one strand over and one strand under, giving it the appearance of a checkerboard.  A 2x2 weave, the most common carbon fiber weave, will have two strands over and two strands under.  A 4x4 weave will have 4 strands over and 4 strands under, giving it a "longer" look than 2x2.   Some specialty weaves are woven in a single direction.  

Tow Size - The tow size is how many individual strands of carbon fiber are in each bundle.  3k is 3,000 tiny strands in each bundle,  6k is 6,000 strands, 12k is 12,000 strands, and so on.  Cheaper 3k carbon fiber tends to have gaps between the weave that are not visually appealing.  More individual strands woven into the fabric lead to a thicker weave and fewer gaps.

Weight - The weight of the fabric refers to the actual weight of one square yard of material.  A 20oz fabric means that 1 square yard (36" x 36") weighs approximately 20oz.  Sometimes the weight will be listed in grams.  It's the same principle, but measured square meters (39" x 39").  Even though they they are the same fabric and they weigh the same, a measurement in grams would have a slightly higher listed weight, only because the area being measured is slightly larger to accommodate those who use a metric system of measuring.

Color - Carbon fiber can not be colored or dyed, so any colors in a fabric are almost always a secondary type of fabric woven in with carbon fiber.  These fabrics are often called hybrid fabrics.  Kevlar is the most commonly dyed fabric.  It is stronger than carbon fiber and more expensive.  It's much more difficult to work with because of it, and can often require additional processing.


Black Fabrics

Standard Twill - 2×2 Twill 6k 11oz/372gsm

 Standard Twill

Upgraded Twill - 2×2 Twill 12k 19.7oz/668gsm

Upgraded Twill carbon fiber

4x4 - 4×4 Twill 3k 8.3oz/281gsm

4x4 Twill carbon fiber

Carbon Atlas - 8HS 3k 10.9oz/370gsm

Carbon Atlas carbon fiber

Plain - 1x1 Plain 6K 10.9oz/370gsm

Plain Weave carbon fiber

Honeycomb - 3k 7.2oz/244gsm

 Honeycomb carbon fiber

Reflex Fabrics

Red Reflex - 2x2 Twill 3k 5.9oz/200gsm

Red Reflex carbon fiber

Purple Reflex - 2x2 Twill 3k 5.9oz/200gsm

Purple Reflex carbon fiber

Green Reflex - 2x2 Twill 3k 5.9oz/200gsm

Green Reflex carbon fiber

Gold Reflex - 2x2 Twill 3k 5.9oz/200gsm 

Gold Reflex carbon fiber

Silver Reflex - 2x2 Twill 3k 5.9oz/200gsm

Silver Reflex carbon fiber

Copper Reflex - 2x2 Twill 3k 5.9oz/200gsm


Carbon Kevlar Fabrics

Red Kevlar - 2×2 Twill 3k 6.6oz/222gsm

Red Kevlar carbon fiber

Blue Kevlar - 2×2 Twill 3k 6.6oz/222gsm 

Blue Kevlar carbon fiber

Yellow Kevlar - 2×2 Twill 3k 6.6oz/222gsm 

Yellow Kevlar carbon fiber

Dog Bone Kevlar - 3k 5.96oz/202gsm

 Dogbone Kevlar carbon fiber

Specialty Fabrics

Copper Zylon - 2×2 Twill 3k 5.5oz/186gsm

Copper Zylon carbon fiber


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