Philippe Cavalli

I've waited a while to respond to this customer, as I was hoping that cooler heads would prevail, but unfortunately it doesn't appear that will be the case, so I have no choice but to respond with receipts.

I have no doubt this customer had a bad experience with my company and with me, that isn't under dispute.  I took responsibility for them (even things that were beyond my control) But, Philippe isn't being honest about this transaction at all, and he knows it.


We are a small manufacturing company that hand makes all of our own parts in house.  Everything we make takes several weeks to manufacture, as epoxy and clearcoat need proper time to cure.  Nothing about what we do can be rushed, or you end up with quality problems.  We have big, bold red letters at the top of every product page explaining this, as over the years plenty of customers have been angry when we it takes us some time to make something for them.

Philippe placed an order with us on Saturday, July 8th for a set of Mk3 Audi TT carbon fiber interior trim.  We started manufacturing it for him on Monday, July 10th.  On July 11th, he emailed us asking about the status of his order.  I responded the next day that we hard started a set for him