And the winners are….

Our first sweepstakes is in the books and the winners have been drawn.  I ended up giving away a second grand prize and a few extra second place prizes as well. If you didn’t win, don’t fret.  I’ll be emailing everyone a little bonus in a few days, so keep your eyes open for that.

We’ll also be doing this all over again real soon, with you guys picking what type of contest we run and choosing the winners.

So lets get on with it:

Grand Prize Winners – 1 free set of oCarbon trim

1) Trevor T. – B8 A4
2) Dennis M. – B5 S4

First Prize Winner – $300 oCarbon gift certificate

1) Ben S. – B8 A4

Second Prize Winners – $100 oCarbon gift certificate

1) Alan V. – B5 S4
2) Joe D. – A3
3) Brad S. – B8 S4
4) John S. B8 A4

Third Prize Winners – $50 oCarbon gift certificate

1) Winners will be notified via email shortly.  


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