B6/B7 Front Ashtray Removal Guide

Lately I’ve had some customers have some trouble removing the front ashtray covers on their B6/B7 Audis, so I figured I would write up a little guide.  I think people tend to over complicate this step of the trim removal when it is actually quite simple.  Before we start, let me stress that you do not need to remove the whole ashtray from the car to remove the ashtray cover.  I have just done that for this guide because it will make it much easier to photograph.

B6/B7 Front Ashtray Cover Removal

Tools needed:

  • Strong thumbs

Time required: 60 seconds

Difficulty: Super easy

First we will start with the rear ashtray because it works on the same principle as the front ashtray, but you can actually see the bottom of it.

Both ashtray covers have these pegs in them (the front ashtray has 3 of them, the rear ashtray has 2 of them).  Both lids have teeth that grasp the pegs and hold them in place.

On the rear ashtray you have to slide the cover forward while lifting up the tab.  This will unhook the teeth from the pegs and set the cover free.

Here you see the rear ashtray off of the lid.  The front ashtray bottom looks almost identical.

On to the front ashtray.  With the ashtray open, you can see the separation of the lid and the cover.  The goal is to use your thumbs on the lid to push it inward and use your fingers on the ashtray cover to slide it forward in the opposite direction.

So grip the ashtray like this (use both hands, I could only use one because I needed the other to take the picture) and move your thumbs in and pull your fingers towards you.

If you’ve done it correctly, you’ll free the pegs on the ashtray cover from the teeth on the lid.

Close the ashtray, and you should be able to just pull it straight up and out.

With the ashtray cover off, you can see the pegs and the teeth.

One last picture for reference: a lot of people assume they are removing the whole top of the ashtray, but as you can see from this image, that isn’t the case.  The lid that opens and closes remains connected to the ashtray assembly, you are just removing the decorative cover.

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