Check out this silver set we’re working on…

for a B8 A4.  It’s the first silver “carbon fiber” (which is actually aluminum coated fiberglass) trim set for a B8 we’ve done and it is turning out fantastic.  The epoxy is all cured now and it will be trimmed down, sanded smooth, and clearcoated in the next week or so.  I can’t wait to see how this looks installed in a black Audi interior.

Here are a few shots from the production:

First the pieces are prepped and the fabric is cut.

Then the pieces are added to the vacuum system and a bag is placed on top.

A vacuum pump removes the air and begins to hug the stiff fabric around the complex edges and curves of each piece.

After a time in the vacuum, the pieces are removed and are ready for epoxy.

First few layers of epoxy.

After many layers of epoxy the pieces are ready to start curing.

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