Couple of custom B5 sets…

Few shots of some custom B5 beltline sets that I’ve been working on recently.  First up is a plain weave set.  It’s very similar to a standard 11oz 2×2 twill set, the weave is just slightly different.  This plain is 9oz 1×1 weave.  It’s got more of a checkerboard look the diagonal the twill sets sport.

At first glance, it may not be blatantly obvious how much different the plain weave is from the twill.  The next few shots are of a twill weave piece (on top) and a plain weave piece side by side so the differences become more apparent.

Up next is a “silver carbon fiber” set, which really isn’t carbon fiber at all.  Texalium is really a fiberglass that has been powder coated with small flakes of aluminum to give it that shine.  It looks fantastic, but unfortunately the aluminum coating makes it very rigid and difficult to work with.  The fiber tends to break in half when it is forced to conform around complex corners.  I had to wrap this set 4 times before I got all of the fabric down without it breaking.

Because it is so difficult to work with, I rarely make texalium sets.  Unless you’re super patient (I’ve been working on this set for several months) and have some deep pockets, I will probably pass on any future requests to make additional texalium sets at this time.

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