D2 A8 Carbon Fiber Trim Production

I had totally forgotten about this core until recently.  Originally, I purchased it for a customer interested in having a carbon fiber set made for his D2 A8L sometime in 2007.  Unfortunately, the customer ended up selling his car and didn’t want the trim anymore, so the core sat unused for a while.  A few months later I decided to take a crack at it without a customer ready to buy.  I got the fiber laid up and the resin applied, but I wasn’t happy with the results so I never finished it.  A few weeks ago while cleaning out my garage I discovered it and decided to try to salvage it.

I spent a few hours carefully grinding and peeling away all of the old carbon fiber.  After I got it all off, the set was ready for a second attempt at being beautiful again.

An overview of the entire set.  There are 12 pieces total, but I’m unsure if this is a complete set or not.  I’ve never done a D2 set before, so I’m not even sure where a lot of the pieces are located in the car.

The two front door pieces are by far the longest pieces I have ever made.

Shifter plate.  No idea if it is an automatic or a manual (I don’t even know if a manual was offered on the D2).

I’m assuming some of these are ashtray covers.

Dash pieces.

Center console pieces.  These two pieces were pretty intense and took a lot of work to get them to where I was happy with how they looked.

I’ll be sure to post more pictures under the D2 tag as I finish up this set.  Still no idea of pricing, but it would probably pretty expensive considering the amount of pieces and the difficulty of some of them.

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