d3 a8 carbon fiber trim production – part 3

I decided to go with the 20oz 2×2 twill, after some hesitation because I wasn’t certain if the fabric would be too thick for the complex curves of the D3 A8.  The shifter piece and the speedometer piece with their intricacies worried me the most.  The thicker fabric is much harder to work with on more complicated parts.  However, now that the pieces are trimmed and sanded up and the clearcoat is on, I’m really glad I took the risk.  I spent a few hours clearcoating the D3 (along with a few other sets) and as I finished each piece, I was extremely pleased with the results.

The door pieces got the clearcoat treatment first.  They are by far the largest door pieces we’ve ever made.  I should have taken a comparison shot of a B5 S4 piece next to the D3, it would be dwarfed in comparison.  I’ll be sure to do so when I polish the D3 set up.

All the various ashtray and storage covers.

This shifter piece I am particularly proud of.  Sam did a great job trimming up the edges.

The big dash piece.

A stupid bug decided to land on the dash piece just as it was starting to cure.  He should buff right out.

I love how clean this edge is.

Some of you that own a D3 were probably wondering where the speedometer trim was.  It needed a little bit more work so it couldn’t be clearcoated tonight.  Hopefully it will be ready for clearcoat sometime next week.

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