Finally got our new air filter…

I know there are quite a few of you that have been waiting paitently for us to clearcoat your parts.

After a month delay, we finally got it in and are ready to plumb it to our new air compressor (an 80 gallon beast).

We’ll get this all hooked up over the next day or two and clearcoat non-stop until everyone has their parts.

The first two smaller filters remove any oil and dirt from the air, while the large tank removes any moisture.  Having clean, dry air is essential to a quality finish on painted parts.  If the air isn’t clean, any contaminates get blown out right along with the clearcoat and end up on the part.

The new compressor is huge.  Our first compressor from 2 years ago was only 5 gallons.  Last year we bought a 25 gallon compressor that we out grew in a few months.  Hopefully we won’t have to replace this new one for years to come.


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