Finished up the matching vent and MMI pieces

and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.

Now I just need to have someone local test fit them and I can start offering them.  I’m going to try to offer them for between $400 and $600, but with cores it is going to be kind of tricky.  I’m going to see about setting up a group buy for the first 10 sets or so to see if we can bring the costs of cores down.

There is a slight drop down between the fabric and the chrome ring.  We beveled the edge to make it look good.  We’re going to try and do a few more things to get it to appear flush, but I’m not certain we can do it.  I don’t want to shave down the original piece too much or it will be too thin and weak.

A note on this MMI piece: The carbon fiber has not been glued down to the housing.  There are several different screen sizes on the MMI unit, and I didn’t want to glue it into this one and then have it not be the same size as the person that will be test fitting.  If you see some major gaps, it is because of this.

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