First attempt at matching B8 vent & MMI pieces

More and more B8 customers have been asking me if they could get vent and MMI pieces made in carbon fiber that matched the OEM carbon atlas trim.  I had some extra cores laying around so I figured I’d give it a shot.

The fabric I’m using for this is an 8 harness satin weave (8HS).  From what I can tell, it is identical to the fabric used on the OEM pieces.  While I’m confident that the fabric will be a match (or a very close match) I’m still uncertain of how close of a match the overall pieces will be.  Audi tends to use resins that have a slight brown tint to them, where as mine are totally clear.  Audi’s pieces are popped out of a mold and unfinished, where as mine are clearcoated and polished.  The only way to find out how close of a match they are is to go ahead and start making them.

These aren’t the best photos, but since the pieces are still in production and have a while to go, it doesn’t matter much.  I’ll take some better pics after I trim off the excess fabric and sand them smooth.

Up first is the vent piece.  If you look close, you can see the outlines of the edges of the piece.

The MMI piece.

Few detail shots of the fabric.

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