First B5 set with the new clearcoat all polished up…

and once again I’m very happy with the results.

When you see the images of this set right after it was clearcoated, you may notice specs of dust or imperfections in the clear.  All of these need to be wetsanded and polished out of the finish.

After wetsanding with high grit sandpaper (1500+) the set looks dull and matte.

A dime sized bit of compound is spread over the piece.

After polishing, the piece still has a thin coat of compounding residue that needs to be wiped away with a clean microfiber towel.

On the right, the compound has been removed.  It still needs to be wiped away on the left.

With all of the compound wiped clean, the piece is complete.

Few more pieces being polished up.

And in no time at all, the rest of the set is completed.

I’m loving this new clearcoat.  It was a breeze to wetsand and polish this set.

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