First “OEM” vent and MMI pieces finished…

and I couldn’t be happier.  I’m sorry these aren’t the best photos, but I wanted to post these up today because of how great they turned out.  I’ll get the mini studio setup later this weekend and take some better photos and post them on Monday.

MMI piece re-assembled.  I will not be including the button if you ordered a set of these, you’ll have to pop in your own.  I just stuck it in so you could see what it looked like installed.

I’m pretty happy with the gap and how flush the piece is.  There is still a very slight overhang as the carbon piece is just ever so slightly thicker.  I’m going to see about ordering even thinner mounting tape and will continue to see if I can improve this aspect of the piece, but I don’t think anyone will be unhappy with how it currently is.

It is nice to see the detail in the ridge of the piece along the bottom and right hand side.  It was nonexistent on the hand laid pieces, but is perfect on these ones that have been vacuum bagged.

I took some more photos of the vent piece under the same lighting for comparison.

Love how deep the gloss is.

I was concerned before I started these pieces on whether or not I could get the chrome ring flush or not, but as you can see after the fact, it turned out perfect.

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