Looking for 2 e90 BMW owners to get a free set of trim…

For any BMW owners that are unfamiliar with oCarbon, we make replacement trim sets in real carbon fiber (none of that fake vinyl sticker stuff here).  We’ll take the OEM wood set, strip it down, wrap it with a 20oz 2×2 twill carbon fiber, cover it in epoxy, sand it smooth, clearcoat the pieces in an automotive polyurethane, and buff them to a shine.  This kind of quality doesn’t come cheap, but the attention to detail and the materials used are what set oCarbon trim apart from imitations and Chinese knockoffs.

We’re looking to start making sets for BMW’s and we need 2 e90 owners to be the test mules.  We’d like to find one e90 coupe owner and one e90 sedan owner.  Preference will be given to M3s.

What we’d need from you:

1) An extra set of wood trim that fits your particular vehicle.   You’d need to scope out another set of wood trim on your BMW forums (like this for example) or on eBay.  You should be able to find a cheap one for around $100-150.  Set can be scratched, beat up, whatever, so getting a mint set is not important, just make sure it fits your car and that no pieces are missing/broken. I don’t know enough about BMWs yet to know all the differences between the models and the options (iDrive, non-iDrive, etc) so pay extra attention to whatever 2nd set of trim that you’re purchasing and be sure that it fits your car. You have to buy a 2nd set, as I don’t want you bugging me to rush things because you’re driving around without your original trim.

2) A little patience. It’s probably going to take me at least a month, if not longer make the set. I have to go very slow with the first sets I make for a new model. Take measurements, redo spots that might not fit correctly, things of that nature.  You will want me going slow and getting it right the first time.  This is why we want you purchasing a cheap 2nd set of trim.

3) A promise to post whore my product up on national forums.

4) Your original trim after we make the swap.  So after we’re done with the carbon fiber set and it is installed in your car, you ‘ll have to return your original trim back to us.

5) Good installed pictures of the trim for our product page.

What you’ll get from me:

1) A set of real carbon fiber trim for free.  Aside from your costs involved with purchasing a 2nd set of trim, we’ll take care of everything else, including shipping the trim to you.  I suspect we’ll be selling these sets for $800-900, so you’re getting a killer deal.

2) My undying gratitude for helping a small business that’s trying hard to offer new products to new markets.

3) Exposure on my website/blog for your car (I’ve got a few cars coming up in some national magazines soon).

If you’re an e90 owner and you’re interested, email me at matt@ocarbon.com with the subject line “e90 trim.”  Include the following info about your car:  model, year, transmission, and which forums you’re a member of.  Also include any other information that you think is pertinent and will help me pick you and your car.

Do not email me about any other BMW models.  After we get the e90 sorted, we’ll start considering other models and chassis

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