Our first set of Porsche pieces are finished…

I made these pieces for a former Audi customer of mine.  He was one of the first Audi’s to get a set made in the 20oz 2×2 twill (probably the first B6S4 owner to have it done).  2 years later, him and I are good friends and when he sold his B6S4 and stepped into a 911 GT3, I knew I’d have to make some parts for it.

These parts are just the first few of many that I’ll be making for him.

Up first is the radio surround.

Followed by the map covers for the doors.

Hazard surround.

Last, but not least, the ignition surround.

We’ll have many, many more parts for this particular Porsche in the coming weeks, expect a full photoshoot and new product pages in a month or two.


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