Tons of progress for the custom A5 stuff…

I haven’t stayed on top of updating the blog with the progress on all this custom A5 stuff, so I’ll just do one huge post with everything (I’m almost done with a lot of it, so there will be more updates on it in the coming days).

These seatbacks are going to look amazing once installed.  They are my first custom colored seatbacks, so I’m really looking forward to seeing them against a black interior.

After the first coat of resin.

Matching interior trim after several coats of resin.

Building up resin on the seatbacks.  These were tricky because of the shape.  I had to prop them up because I didn’t want resin pooling in the deeper parts of the grooves.

Trim was cured and ready to be trimmed and sanded up.

Final coats of resin on the seatbacks.

After the seatbacks had cured.  They’ll still need a lot of work trimming and sanding.  Getting them smooth will take some effort.

After the trim has been cleaned up.  I’ll be shooting the clearcoat on these in the next few days.  Really happy with how they turned out.

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