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B8 Audi S4 carbon atlas vent and MMI
B8 Audi S4 carbon atlas vent and MMI
B8 Audi S4 carbon atlas vent and MMI
B8 Audi S4 carbon atlas vent and MMI
B8 Audi S4 carbon atlas vent and MMI

B8 Audi S4 carbon atlas vent and MMI

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$ 550.00

This item is custom made to order, just for you.  Depending on what we have in the works and which options you select, it could take 2-6 weeks (or sometimes longer) for the item to be manufactured to your specifications.  Standard black sets get made a little faster, colored sets take a little longer.  If you have questions about how long an item will take to be manufactured, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

From time to time we will have a set that is in stock and ready to ship. You can check to see what sets we have in inventory here.

Our carbon fiber interior trim set replaces your original trim pieces with real carbon fiber. These are done in a carbon atlas fabric to match the OEM carbon atlas trim.

We take OEM trim and wrap it with real carbon fiber, coat it with best in class epoxy, and finish it off with high solids automotive clearcoat. It is real carbon fiber, manufactured the same way OEM carbon fiber trim is manufactured, by laminating the carbon fiber to a core. This method retains all the OEM tabs and fixture points so it fits exactly like the OEM trim.


  • Full replacement vent and MMI housing with carbon fiber trim.
  • Real carbon fiber - no vinyl, stickers, or fake "wraps"
  • 11oz carbon atlas carbon fiber, ensuring it matches the OEM carbon trim.
  • Utilizes OEM interior trim pieces for a perfect fit.
  • Class-leading epoxy resin with UV inhibitors to prevent yellowing.
  • Several coats of premium automotive polyurethane clearcoat for a deep, glossy shine and a tough, durable finish.
  • All of our products are backed by a 1 year limited warranty.
  • Custom finishes, weaves, & colors available – contact us for details.
  • Additional interior pieces, such as seat backs, steering wheel trim, may be available on certain models – contact us for more information.

Core Deposit:

Every single set of interior trim we manufacture is made using an original set of trim. Because of this, we either need a set of core trim for you or a refundable core deposit.

No core deposit - select this option if you want to send us your original trim pieces first. We'll send the carbon fiber trim after we receive your core trim.

Refundable core deposit - select this option if you don't want to send us your trim pieces first. We'll send you the carbon fiber trim pieces first if you provide an additional core deposit. After you install the carbon fiber trim, you have the option of returning your original trim back to us to have the core deposit refunded in full.